Adam Beck

Chairman, Smart Cities Week

Adam Beck is the current Chairman of the Smart Cities Week as well as the Founding Executive Director of Smart Cities Council Australia New Zealand, an organization dedicated to accelerating sustainability outcomes in cities and towns through the adoption of technology, data and intelligent design. He is also an Ambassador with Portland-based think tank EcoDistricts, where he was previously Director of Innovation.

Before entering the mission-driven sector, Adam spent 15 years with global consulting firms, including almost a decade at Arup. He was lecturer and studio lead in social impact assessment and community engagement at the University of Queensland for three years.

Adam has dedicated his career of more than 20 years to advance city-building practices around the world, through the creation and deployment of frameworks, tools, and protocols that accelerate sustainability.

Monday, September 30
1:00 pm - 3:00 pm • Workshop: The Essentials of Building a Data Economy for Your City
The purpose of this workshop is to extend the benefits delivered by technology deployments and to help shape a more sustained impact on the socio-economics of your city through data. In this workshop you will create a blueprint for your organization’s 'Data Work Stream' - a critical part of any smart city’s success. Components of the workshop will include building a core data group within the organization, and the relevant governance arrangements to support a data economy. You will also learn about the key tools and techniques for establishing a data exchange, and its role in opening and sharing data. Building up a culture of valuing data, enhancing trust and transparency and reporting on performance will also be covered.
Tuesday, October 1
11:00 am - 12:15 pm • Curbside Assets – Parking, Streetlighting and Outdoor Amenities (and how they can benefit your city’s bottom line)agora
Scooters, bike shares and car shares provide an important service to communities. However, the coveted sidewalk and curb space is demanded by many competing uses. Learn about how cities such as DC, Baltimore and Alexandria are navigating the challenge of curbside reallocation in a manner the promotes safety, access for all and good planning practices.  PRESENTATION MATERIALS:
Wednesday, October 2
11:00 am - 12:15 pm • Switching on Darwin – Smart Cities from the Top End of Australialab
Australia's smart cities blueprint is being rewritten as part of a project called 'Switching on Darwin'. Acknowledging that technology alone cannot have the socio-economic impact needed to build a thriving community, an opportunity emerged where a purely technology project could be augmented with a range of innovative data platforms and insights services which would extend and deepen the benefits delivered through technology across key sectors of the Darwin community, and thereby meet the needs of the community delivering macroeconomic benefits over the long term.
1:15 pm - 2:30 pm • Top Five Strategies for Ensuring that your Smart City is Secureboardroom 1
As the number of connected devices grows rapidly, city networks must keep up with demand for speed and capacity, while safeguarding privacy and security. Recent ransomware attacks on local governments, however,  demonstrate the challenges cities face as well as the incredible disruption and costs of cyber-attacks. Bring your experiences and questions to share in this interactive discussion. Guildford