Adam Bobrow

Founder & CEO Foresight Resilience Strategies, LLC

Adam is the Founder and CEO of Foresight Resilience Strategies. A recognized expert in cybersecurity risk management, Adam is a sought after speaker on issues related to cybersecurity, international trade, and intellectual property. Before starting Foresight, Adam worked in the Obama Administration’s White House and at the Commerce Department. He is an attorney, having received his JD from Washington University in St. Louis and is a member of the DC Bar. Adam’s undergraduate degree is in Chinese language from Georgetown University.

Wednesday, October 2
1:15 pm - 2:30 pm • Top Five Strategies for Ensuring that your Smart City is Secureboardroom 1
As the number of connected devices grows rapidly, city networks must keep up with demand for speed and capacity, while safeguarding privacy and security. Recent ransomware attacks on local governments, however,  demonstrate the challenges cities face as well as the incredible disruption and costs of cyber-attacks. Bring your experiences and questions to share in this interactive discussion. Guildford