David Ihrie

Chief Technology Officer, Center for Innovative Technology

David Ihrie has over 35 years industry experience as a direct innovator in the fields of satellite and terrestrial communication, computing, and information science, and has been a principal in seven startup companies. In addition to his entrepreneurial activities, Mr. Ihrie has helped build four national scale business accelerators for the Intelligence Community, for DHS, and in the areas of cybersecurity and smart cities. Currently he is leading the Virginia Smart Communities Initiatives, and along with CIT Broadband is helping bring this new generation of capability to all Virginians.

Mr. Ihrie has a Master of Science degree in Business from MIT, specializing in the Management of Technological Innovation, and a B.S. from MIT in Electrical Engineering/Computer Science.


Tuesday, October 1
3:00 pm - 4:15 pm • City Readiness Hub: Fairfax Countycity readiness hub
The City Readiness Hub sessions are unscripted mentoring sessions that allow one city to receive targeted advice from smart city practitioners in another city that is further along the path to creating more livable, workable, and sustainable communities. This session features Fairfax County, Virginia which has identified Transportation and Economic Development as priorities in developing a smart city. They will talk through some of the common challenges and success stories each has faced in on-boarding smart city projects in these areas.
Wednesday, October 2
11:00 am - 12:15 pm • The Smart State: Collaboration and Innovation in the Commonwealth of Virginiastage
Join leaders from State and local government, academia and industry in Virginia who will discuss the advanced economic development and P3 opportunities that are driving the smart city movement throughout the state. Virginia has moved from planning to implementation over the past year, and will talk about the impact of 3 specific projects: a Statewide Data Governance effort leading towards a unified data governance policy, smart building/IoT technologies to improve Public Safety,  and the centerpiece of the current Virginia effort, the new Smart Town Center in Stafford County, halfway between Washington and Richmond. Ihrie