DeAngelo Baynes

Manager, Curbside Management Division, Department of Transportation Parking and Ground Transportation Division, District of Columbia

DeAngelo Baynes began his transportation career as a student at East Carolina University. During his four year tenure at ECU, Mr. Baynes was employed as a driver, learning the industry as a school bus driver, university transit bus operator, and over the road charter bus operator. With a completed Bachelor of Science in Business Education, with a minor in Business Administration, Mr. Baynes continued his transportation career in the private sector with continual growth in Virginia Beach, then ultimately Washington, DC. After touching almost every aspect of the private motor coach industry, from charter to sightseeing to entertainer coaches, to tour and travel, maintenance, sales, dispatch and operations, towing and recovery, Mr. Baynes was chosen to spearhead growth for the largest privately owned charter bus operator in the country, by developing a growth pattern in the nation’s capital that allowed for continuity of operation for over the road motor coaches between Boston and Miami.

DeAngelo Baynes’ current position is with the District Department of Transportation’s Parking and Ground Transportation Division. Mr. Baynes serves as manager of the Curbside Management Division, a developing function of DDOT that will include the management of varied curbside uses such as valet/valet staging, carshare, development review, loading zones, for-hire vehicles, and charter/tour/shuttle bus operations.

DeAngelo Baynes has an extensive background in transportation, including managing bus and ground transportation operations, facility management, and policy and planning. DeAngelo has been recognized for building and developing transportation solutions in both private and public entities. Most recently, Mr. Baynes served as Permits Manager in the District Department of Transportation’s Public Space Regulation

Division, and was particularly tapped to manage the permitting process for citywide mega construction projects, including Capital Crossing and the CSX Development. Mr. Baynes also regularly served as agency representative on the Mayor’s Special Events Task Force and Geospatial Subcommittee for National Special Security Events, including leading the permitting process for the 2017 Presidential Inauguration, as well as other major events.

Tuesday, October 1
11:00 am - 12:15 pm • Curbside Assets – Parking, Streetlighting and Outdoor Amenities (and how they can benefit your city’s bottom line)agora
Scooters, bike shares and car shares provide an important service to communities. However, the coveted sidewalk and curb space is demanded by many competing uses. Learn about how cities such as DC, Baltimore and Alexandria are navigating the challenge of curbside reallocation in a manner the promotes safety, access for all and good planning practices.  PRESENTATION MATERIALS: