Gayle Guilford

Chief Information Security Officer, City of Baltimore 

As CISO for Baltimore, Gayle Guilford practices and preaches the importance of both internal and external partnerships dedicated to the Cyber Security of both citizens and employees. Gayle has worked for Baltimore City Government since 2008, including 5 years as Director of Information Services for the Baltimore City Police Department and 4 years as CISO. Some call her the CJIS or Security Lady. Her favorite saying is “When, Not If”. 

Her focus at the City of Baltimore has been utilizing technology and security best practices designed to advance the safety and security of the citizens of her hometown. She is also the Co-Chair of the Maryland Regional USAI Cyber Security Committee. Gayle has over 25 years’ experience with telecommunications; information technology; disaster and emergency service; and cyber security.

Wednesday, October 2
1:15 pm - 2:30 pm • Top Five Strategies for Ensuring that your Smart City is Secureboardroom 1
As the number of connected devices grows rapidly, city networks must keep up with demand for speed and capacity, while safeguarding privacy and security. Recent ransomware attacks on local governments, however,  demonstrate the challenges cities face as well as the incredible disruption and costs of cyber-attacks. Bring your experiences and questions to share in this interactive discussion. Guildford