Greg Jordan-Detamore

Open Cities Product Lead, Sunlight Foundation

Greg oversees web development, product strategy, and design for the Sunlight Foundation’s Open Cities team. The Open Cities team helps make municipal government across the country more transparent, accountable, and participatory — with a focus on facilitating community use of open data using user-centered design methods. Prior to Sunlight, Greg worked at a nonprofit doing data analysis and GIS work for community partners and government agencies in Rhode Island.
Tuesday, October 1
1:15 pm - 2:30 pm • Open Procurement and Contracting for the Smart Citylab
Local governments often struggle to publish comprehensive, consistent, open data on public procurement. However, doing so can open governments' doors to residents and give the public a say in how public dollars are spent. As smart cities enter into new partnerships or contracts, officials need to understand how transparency, collaboration, and community engagement can help ensure that new programs work for residents. In this session, civil society and city government officials will share the strategies they've used to make procurement open and responsive to residents' needs.