Jennifer Olzinger

Assistant Director-Procurement Manager, Office of Management and Budget, City of Pittsburgh

Ms. Olzinger joined the Office of Management and Budget as the Assistant Director-Procurement Manager in September 2015. She is responsible for managing and coordinating the City’s procurement process, as well as overseeing the preparation and evaluation of bid proposals, selection of contractors and negotiation of contracts. Ms. Olzinger determines the procurement strategy for obtaining goods and services in the most effective and efficient manner; develops and enforces “best practice” policies and procedures to certify compliance with City Code; and ensures procurement practices are consistent, open and designed to encourage maximum competition and best value procurements. Ms. Olzinger and her team analyze the city-wide and departmental spending to identify opportunities to reduce costs and/or procure goods and services more efficiently and effectively to provide the best overall value to the City.

Ms. Olzinger is currently serving as the Second Vice President for the Pennsylvania Public Purchasing Association (PAPPA) for the 2019-2020 calendar year. She previously served as the PAPPA Board Secretary for the 2018-2019 term. She was also recently named to the first-ever National Institute of Government Purchasing (NIGP) Impact Circle, a task force created by NIGP to help them further develop their new Pathways educational programs to reduce the barriers to obtain NIGP certifications. In addition, the task force seeks to tailor their offerings to better prepare procurement staff across the Country to handle the varied “smart” technologies and more technically complex IOT procurements that Cities are looking to implement.

Ms. Olzinger served as Acting Director of the Office of Management & Budget from September 2018 – September 2019. In addition to her primary duties as Assistant Director, Ms. Olzinger also oversees all areas of the Department including Operating Budget, Capital Budget & Asset Management, Fleet, Grants and the administration of the Community Development Block Grant program. Prior to joining the City, she served as the Manager of Procurement Operations at Education Management, LLC, where she managed a team of buyers supporting the purchasing process for 100+ EDMC locations.

Tuesday, October 1
1:15 pm - 2:30 pm • Open Procurement and Contracting for the Smart Citylab
Local governments often struggle to publish comprehensive, consistent, open data on public procurement. However, doing so can open governments' doors to residents and give the public a say in how public dollars are spent. As smart cities enter into new partnerships or contracts, officials need to understand how transparency, collaboration, and community engagement can help ensure that new programs work for residents. In this session, civil society and city government officials will share the strategies they've used to make procurement open and responsive to residents' needs.