Jet Lu

Director, Digital DevOps, City of Baltimore

Having served as Director of DevOps for the City of Baltimore since June 2018, my role is to be an enabler. I enjoy enabling teams, technology, and operating efficiency, and I am passionate about delivering solutions. With a software engineering background, my passion grew from a single contributor,  to leading teams, and making enterprise impact by transitioning organizations. I am excited about Baltimore City’s Smart Cities Strategy and the progress we have made. With experience driving operational transformation and cloud adoption within companies of all sizes, it is an ineffable honor to do the same for our local community.

Wednesday, October 2
11:00 am - 12:15 pm • Digital Citizen Services – Successes and Failurespressure cooker
Creating a robust digital town hall requires intensive planning, community input and versatile technology. Cities have migrated to app-based interfaces as often the primary communications pathway to residents. In this friendly debate learn about the experiences of cities who have made this change and the benefits it brings to citizens as well as the challenges to older populations and those with limited access to personal technology.