Katye North

Division Chief, Mobility Services, City of Alexandria, VA

Katye North is the Division Chief of Mobility Services for the City of Alexandria, which is the team that oversees various mobility options in the City.  This includes managing competing curbside uses including residential parking, metered parking, bikeshare, loading, and disability parking, to name a few. The Mobility Services Division also includes the City’s transportation demand management program, GoAlex, and played a key role in preparing for the impacts of the summer 2019 Metro Platform Improvement Project that closed all Metro stations within the City.  The Division also administers the City’s paratransit program.

Katye joined the City in 2006 as a development planner in the Department of Planning and Zoning where she managed a variety of projects throughout the City.  She later moved to the Department of Transportation and Environmental Services in 2015 and was responsible for several parking policy projects including an overdue update of the City’s commercial parking requirements.  Katye received her undergraduate degree in Environmental Policy and Planning at Virginia Tech and her masters in regional planning at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. 

Tuesday, October 1
11:00 am - 12:15 pm • Curbside Assets – Parking, Streetlighting and Outdoor Amenities (and how they can benefit your city’s bottom line)agora
Scooters, bike shares and car shares provide an important service to communities. However, the coveted sidewalk and curb space is demanded by many competing uses. Learn about how cities such as DC, Baltimore and Alexandria are navigating the challenge of curbside reallocation in a manner the promotes safety, access for all and good planning practices.  PRESENTATION MATERIALS: