Kelsey Finch

Senior Counsel, Future of Privacy Forum

Kelsey Finch, CIPP/US, is Senior Counsel at the Future of Privacy Forum, focusing on smart cities and communities, de-identification, big data, research ethics, and other select projects. She leads FPF’s Smart Privacy for Smart Cities project, under a grant from the National Science Foundation. She also runs FPF’s Smart Cities and Communities Working Group, and serves as an expert and thought leader helping individuals, local communities, and technology
providers leverage the benefits of a data-rich society while minimizing threats to individual privacy and civil liberties. She has recently worked with the City of Seattle to develop an Open Data Risk Assessment to support the City’s public release of civic data in privacy-preserving ways. Her work has been published in the Cambridge Handbook of Consumer Privacy, the Fordham Urban Law Journal, and the Santa Clara Law Review.

Before coming to FPF, Kelsey was an inaugural Westin Fellow at the International Association of Privacy Professionals, where she produced practical research on a range of privacy topics and edited the FTC Privacy Casebook. She is a graduate of Smith College and the Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law, with a concentration in Intellectual Property and Information Law.

Wednesday, October 2
2:30 pm - 4:30 pm • Workshop: Creating Civic Data Governance Practices in Your City, Region or State
Emerging data practices to facilitate government service delivery such as transportation, public safety, social services and others require that cities and states employ advanced data management, sharing, privacy and security protocols. However, employing and maintaining the most advanced systems requires tremendous human and financial resources that are often out of reach for public agencies. Civic data governance policies and protocols can leverage resources to allow data management across jurisdictional lines. In this hands-on workshop, hear from experts who will share use cases of regional and state-wide data governance programs. Figure out your organization’s first and next steps for designing your own civic data trust.