Kristin Musulin

Senior Editor, Smart Cities Dive

Kristin is the senior editor of Smart Cities Dive, a Washington, DC-based digital media publication covering the news and trends that shape connectivity, resilience and livability in U.S. cities. Kristin closely follows and reports on the topics of shared mobility, autonomous and electric vehicles, affordable housing and economic development. She oversees production of the publication’s daily newsletter and is also the co-creator of Smart Cities Dive’s dockless vehicle mapping resource

Originally from the Philadelphia area, Kristin received her degree in journalism from the University of Maryland. She previously worked as the editor of Waste Dive, a fellow publication under the Industry Dive brand.

Tuesday, October 1
1:15 pm - 2:30 pm • Transportation as a Service: How We Get There and Why We Need Itpressure cooker
Tomorrow’s adults might never need a driver’s license or to own a vehicle. Door to door mobility is becoming seamless, simple and affordable with ride sharing, first and last mile transit and micro mobility systems. Learn from transportation planners and providers about what’s working and where the challenges lie in building mobility as a service in communities around the world.