Jim Lockwood

Founder/CEO, Aero Wireless Group

Jim Lockwood is Founder/CEO of the Aero Wireless Group of companies, established in 1998, and a national provider of wireless infrastructure products, engineering and consulting services. The Group has a long track record of advancing innovative wireless infrastructure solutions for macro cell and small cell deployments, including the CityPole® line of smart poles to conceal wireless equipment and blend into the local environment.  CityPole® is among the first smart poles in the US to support 5G technology and is designed for multi-tenant applications to support small cells, IoT and LED street lighting.

Jim along with other members of the company’s management team are active in the industry. Jim is a chairs the Innovative Technology Council (ITC) of the Wireless Industry Association (WIA) in Washington, DC; serves as Co-Chair of the Infrastructure sub-committee and a member of the Smart Cities Council.

Tuesday, October 1
11:00 am - 12:15 pm • Getting to Smart: Technological Infrastructureboardroom 2
Smart Cities are about people but most often require technological capability to enable the innovations that improve public safety, transportation, sustainability and other key sectors. This session will look at the emerging technologies such as: The Internet of Things, 5G, SmartPoles, and Video Analytics that are crucial to digital transformation.