Merrick Spain

Founder and CEO, Civic Analytica

Merrick is a strategic thought leader in emerging technology markets, and the Founder and CEO of Civic Analytica, a specialist advisor and provider of Data Platforms, Insights and Services that enhance Liveability, Workability and Sustainability for Cities, Communities and Citizens.
With over 28 years’ experience in a variety of roles including senior management and consultancy roles, Merrick previously led strategy and market engagement in Australia for Telstra in the Smart Cities space, and has been involved in a wide range of technology-oriented sectors enabling an expert understanding of the socio-technical impacts of emerging technologies.

Merrick leverages his diverse experience and deep insight, helping governments, businesses and civic groups understand the possibilities presented by the convergence of the informational and physical worlds for the way cities and communities function and the changing aspirations of the people who live in them.

Wednesday, October 2
11:00 am - 12:15 pm • Switching on Darwin – Smart Cities from the Top End of Australialab
Australia's smart cities blueprint is being rewritten as part of a project called 'Switching on Darwin'. Acknowledging that technology alone cannot have the socio-economic impact needed to build a thriving community, an opportunity emerged where a purely technology project could be augmented with a range of innovative data platforms and insights services which would extend and deepen the benefits delivered through technology across key sectors of the Darwin community, and thereby meet the needs of the community delivering macroeconomic benefits over the long term.