Peter Murray

Executive Director, Dense Networks

Peter Murray was born and raised in New York, New York and earned a Masters of Business in Information Technology from Fordham University. His Major was Utilizing,Technology for Competitive Advantage. He received his BA from Rutgers College where he majored in Communications and Minored in Parties.


He is the Co-Chair of the Network Infrastructure Task Force between the Smart Cities Council and the Wireless Infrastructure Association.


He has been General or Regional Manager at Verizon, MCI, Level 3, and Telcove. He currently is the Executive Director of the Social Think Tank, Dense Networks where he facilitates content, events, and education for The Social Think Tank. As part of the Dense Networks Programs he also provides consulting services for complex projects and initiatives. He focuses most of his work in Florida and the Caribbean because he is not dumb and hates the cold.


He has taught E Commerce and Technology for Competitive Advantage at Temple University and helped develop the Entrepreneurial program at the Community College of Philadelphia. 


At CCP, he taught Intro to IT and Intro to Business to inner city youth and probably learned more there than anywhere else he’s been. He has 3 children that text him when they need money.

Tuesday, October 1
11:00 am - 12:15 pm • Getting to Smart: Technological Infrastructureboardroom 2
Smart Cities are about people but most often require technological capability to enable the innovations that improve public safety, transportation, sustainability and other key sectors. This session will look at the emerging technologies such as: The Internet of Things, 5G, SmartPoles, and Video Analytics that are crucial to digital transformation.