Soumya Ghosh

Director of Digital Enablement, City of Edmonton

Soumya Ghosh is the Director of Digital Enablement with the City of Edmonton’s Open City and Technology Branch. Working with community partners, Soumya aims to advance the Open City and Smart City portfolios by driving innovative technology-focused solutions to improve resident services.

Additionally, Soumya is responsible for managing the City of Edmonton’s award-winning Open Data program and submitting the Smart City proposal for $50 million Infrastructure Canada’s Smart Cities Challenge.

Prior to joining the City of Edmonton, Soumya worked as an IT consultant with Fortune 500 companies such as Oracle Corporation and Deutsche Bank. He completed his MBA from the University of Alberta, has a Bachelor of Engineering degree and is PMP certified.


Tuesday, October 1
4:15 pm - 5:30 pm • Afternoon Plenary – Keynote: Smart Instructure and Equitable Communities: Delivering Digital Solutions for All; Fireside Chat: Challenge Grant Winners’ Discussion featuring: Baltimore, MD, Edmonton, ON, Montgomery, AL, Racine, WI, Cleantech San Diego
Keynote: Smart Infrastructure and Equitable Communities - Delivering Digital Solutions for All, Biju Kadapurath and Adam Newman, Deloitte Fireside Chat: Challenge Grant Winners' Discussion featuring: Baltimore, MD, Edmonton, ON, Montgomery, AL, Racine, WI, Cleantech San Diego Philip Bane, Moderator Kenya Asli, Smart Cities Strategist, Office of Information and Technology, City of Baltimore Jason Anderson, President and CEO, Cleantech San Diego Soumya Ghosh, Director, Digital Enablement, City of Edmonton Lou Ialacci, IT Director, CIT, City of Montgomery, AL William Martin, Chief Innovation Officer, City of Racine, WI
11:00 am - 12:15 pm • Data Unlimited: Using Analytics and Integration to Put City Data to Workstage
Cities regularly grapple with how to collect, analyze, integrate and then use the data collected from ubiquitous data collection sources. Join experts on data integration to learn about creating a data strategy for your city. Learn about what questions to ask and how to set priorities. Bring your experiences and challenges to share.